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How to Get Rid of Rms.rautmedia.com Pop-up Ad

Rms.rautmedia.com is an infected program that resides on to computer unwittingly. It is mainly known for keeping relationship with the malicious antivirus program and rogue malware. It disguises as a legitimate application that can save your time and money by giving discount codes as well as various other exciting online resources. In fact, this resides on to your computer with the aim to support its developers to gain more and more profit. As, an adware infection, it is also known for creating pop-ups with malicious web link that most probably redirects your link to unknown websites. This monster gets into your system through technical support scam and other sources. So it is always advised to stay alert while choosing a tech support service.

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How To Identify and Avoid Tech support Scams

There is just a – Tech support scam a type of Internet fraud that’s gaining momentum on the web. The fraud uses fear tactics and social engineering to be able to obtain the target to get the trap. There are three primary approaches this fraud is performed- via cold calls, pop up communications on wrong search engine results and the computer.

Cold Calls

Tech support scam cold calls are generated when the goal is called by a person, claiming to be from a reputable organization and say they have discovered spyware on your PC. The prison will attempt to obtain the person to set up a kind of remote desktop application underneath the pretext of eliminating the invasion, which may permit the adversary use of the computer to be able to install actual spyware. These scammers will frequently request a charge to repair the problem along with trying to install spyware about the device.

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Microsoft takes action against tech support scammers with lawsuit

In 2014, Microsoft sued two technical support businesses, alleging that they proficient false advertising as they deceived consumers into paying for fake help and infringed numerous Microsoft logos. The suit was the very first time Microsoft turned to try and stem the deluge of tech support scams that swamp Windows users.

“Defendants have used the Microsoft logos and service marks to improve their qualifications and confuse customers about their association with Microsoft,” the complaint said.

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