Eliminate unwanted pop ups in 4 easy steps!

Pop ups advertisements automatically get appeared on the specific browser when user visit any infected sites. These ads are specially created by those people who want to promote their business or product everywhere on the internet so that it can be noticed and subscribed by the internet users.

There are multiple websites that activate pop ups ads and when the user open that site, the pop ups ads also get opened automatically with it and never get closed after trying multiple times. Maximum time users never know about unwanted pop ups are already processing in their browsers.

So, here we are to help you in blocking the pop ups from your browser so that it can’t harm your system. Just follow the 4 easy steps to get rid of unwanted pop ups.

The 4 easy steps are:

1. Enable pop up blocker options into your browsers

For Apple Safari:

Open Safari, and press Safari → Preferences → Security. Choose the “Block pop-up windows” button.

For Mozilla Firefox:

Open Firefox → Preferences → Content, and then click the “Block pop-up windows” option.

For Google Chrome:

Open Chrome menu, and then tap on Settings → Show advanced settings → Content settings, and click the “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups” alternative.

For Internet Explorer:

Go to Firefox, click Tools → Options → Privacy, and then tick the “Block pop-ups” option

2. Get an Extension to Add with your Browser

After adding the extension with your browser in specific ways, joins new tool or strengthens the existing one. Most of the browsers hold up extensions. Here are the methods to get extension for various browsers:

For Firefox:

Click on Tools → Add-ons → Get Extensions.

For Google Chrome:

Tap on Tools → Extensions → Get more extensions.

For Apple Safari:

Click Safari → Safari extensions

For Internet Explorer:

Go to Tools → Manage add-ons

3. Download and install the best pop up blocker

Download Ablock Plus extension in your system and install it. It is effective and fully secure for your data and devices. It blocks unwanted pop ups ads, online tracking, unwanted domain and offers filter list as well at affordable prices.

4. Strengthening the internet privacy using you PC hard drive

  • Open window screen and select control panel
  • Search the “intent options “ but in control panel sub menus
  • Select the “Privacy” option in Internet Options.
  • If it is deactivated, then activate the “pop up blocker” option
  • Press “Settings” and enable on the Filter level to its top setting. Close the Settings option and tap “Apply” for Privacy change.

Just follow the following steps and throw out the pop ups from your browser. For more assistance, you can call us on: +1-877- 231-7887 or +1-888- 276-1994



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