Month: June 2016

Important Measures to Deal with Safari Malware Pop-ups

In past days, Pop-ups have become the neediest weapon to swindle the naive people. Whether it is a safari or window’s users, all are being triggered in the tricks of illegal activities. However, one of the most renowned browsers like Safari is known for providing the proficiency to unravel the issues cause by spamming activities, unfortunately fail to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the users.

It should be quite interesting to know pop-ups in details like why it is being used on a large scale interestingly. It means, sure, it is more useful in gaining higher ROI.

Let’s discuss the Pop-ups in brief first to make this topic clearer

Pop-ups are a Java-scripted code designed likewise other applications, but not for the sake of the people, for duping the existing naïve people. There are evil ambitions behind developing Safari malware pop-ups, to trap the internet users by clicking through fictitious offers.

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These days, it is used mainly for the marketing purpose, for collecting the personal information of every user coming to the website. It should be quite understandable that this information like e-mail id, mobile number, or an individual’s banking details, are used to convert the goals into success.

Here’re the solutions to get rid of the pop-ups in Safari:

<!–[if !supportLists]–>· 1.Force-quit Safari by choosing Force Quit from the Apple menu, or by pressing Command-Option-Esc, selecting Safari and clicking the Force Quit button.

<!–[if !supportLists]–>· 2.Hold the Shift key and then click Safari’s icon in the Dock. That opens Safari and prevents windows that were loaded before from reappearing.

<!–[if !supportLists]–>· 3.Go to the Safari menu and choose Clear History and website Data and choose either Today and Yesterday or All History. That clears the cache of code that Safari stores locally.

The above steps are quite handy in order to get rid of the pop-ups to some extent. But, the skeptical doesn’t end here. Safari users continue to face such types of malicious pop-ups, different sorts of banners, etc. It may accompany because all residing viruses and unknown applications don’t remove permanently. It is also possible, some of the malicious links leave in the registry files.

In these instances, users need the best ad blocker for safari Mac in order to counter the strongest features comprise in malicious pop-ups. It is very reliable and proved to be the best way to get rid of the pop-ups in Safari.

Ultimately, it is the every individual’s thought which way would like to go, or what types of software use, but it is a matter of fact, Pop-up blocker is one and only effective option available to the internet users.

Be Attentive and Careful!


How to Stop technical support scams! Things that need to know!

Is it true? Have you ever gotten any unsolicited call or message from anyone who claims to be a technical associate pro who wants to help you with the vulnerable issues coming into your desktop computer?

Well! It’s true that many users have got stuck into various types of technical scams till now. And it’s still mysterious how many of these tech scams are currently active all over the world. So it’s very important to protect yourself from getting Gaby from them.

How tech supports scammers get success in their fraud plans?


Scammers are very much clever due to which they reach their goal by making fools to the decent users. They completely understand that a user always gets sensitive, concern, and serious for their online security and system safety too.

For technical support scams, they take advantages of your legitimate concerns related to the virus and other online threats. They have knowledge about the user’s thinking for their personal information, credentials, and computer as well and they especially target these things only to win the trust of users and convince them.

How they process their deceitful works?

•Firstly to begin tech support scams process, they send numerous numbers of auto-  generated pop-ups and warning messages on the users’ window or browser so that the  user can notice those alerts. After that, they call or message user to enforce them to trust  on them and realize that their system is really gets infected with the viruses and other  threats.

•Once they gain your trust or convince you, then they recommend preferring software for  the computer security and try to make you ready for online payment or to share credit  card details. Because their main intention behind their attractive deals isn’t to protect    and support your computer system, it is to make money and cheat you.

•Once you pay them for their offered scheme, by using their techniques they can easily  steal your complete money and personal details without your concern.

How to protect yourself from technical frauds?

We want that our users always stay protected and away from technical support scams. So follow these tip and tricks and stay protected from all threats.

• Never share your credit detail to unknown person on call or message
• Don’t trust on strange call that distracts you, it may be fraudulent
• Avoid clicking on schemes and alerts without research
• Don’t visit fake websites
• Never subscribe online attractive scheme without any confirm details
• Don’t invest money on schemes on the spot from unknown website
• If you receive these type of call or message then take action on it and report about it.


You little attention and necessary steps can save you from many upcoming online and offline threats. Download and install AblockPlus software and protect your computer system from all kinds of tech support scams.

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How to remove pop up virus from the infected computer!

Fraudulent warnings and alerts are spooky for some internet users with sticky pop-up virus alerts. These pop-ups appear in the form of closing tabs, offers, alert or warning or any internet were that’s the main task is to infect user’s computer system by transferring virus in it.

What is a pop-up virus?

If you are seeing an annoying dialog box that indicates your system have some technical problem, fake warnings or virus related issues, so be attentive because it can be a tech scam. Pop up messages that claim your system has a virus and you need to download their best antivirus to remove them completely.

But in reality, those extensions contains the codes of viruses that are created to harm your computer system, steal your money and personal details, they cause costly repairs or, even worse. These infected viruses or malware also freezes the uploaded window that stops users to use the operating system.

To save you and remove pop up virus with other kinds of troubles as well, we have offered simple steps that are written below. This guide will help you to close the fake pop-ups warning and always keep it away from your browser permanently.

Step 1:

Close your Internet windows that you had opened. If any of the pop-ups won’t close without your pressing “OK,” the stop clicking on it.

Step 2:

Press your “Ctrl,” “Alt” and “Delete” keys at the same time and then press “Start Task Manager.” Select the “Applications” tab, tap on the name of any open window, and click “End Task.”


Step 3:

After that, update your antivirus installed software for confirmation that you have the current virus descriptions.

Step 4:

Restart your computer system and hold “F8” key on the reboot. This will help you to initiate Safe Mode, which will shut down the virus or malware temporarily after all, the computer system only runs on necessary vital programs.

Step 5:

Scan your all computer data with your installed antivirus software during in Safe Mode. Delete all those files that are found to be infected with viruses.

Step 6:

Restart your computer in normal mode and rescan the computer for the complete to double-check the virus is completely eliminated or not.

Remove pop up virus by applying these above given steps and make computer system virus free. If you are looking for the best antivirus, then we have an option for you! AblockPlus is the trustable and effective software that is efficient in blocking pop up ads, virus, tracking extension and malware. You just need to activate it in your computer system. It automatically starts scanning and blocking all the infected unwanted virus and links.

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