Prevent Technical Support Scams!

A tech support scam points out to the telephonic frauds that that are done by the fake associates that introduce themselves as the technical support service provider. Recently, these types of scams are increasing in the form of pop-window or fake calls. A Popups window that appears on the websites informs the potential victim to call on their number to remove fictitious ‘infections’.

The tech support scammer uses a variety of assuring tricks to misguide users by several Windows components and services, third-party support, and fake reference sites or summaries to convince the user and make them ready to believe that computer has problems that need to be fixed, but before proceeding, the user need to pay for “support”.

How tech support scam gets operated?

Technical support scammers use their tricks due to which the user gets in fear that the call or warning is true. They also instruct the user to download and install a remote access program, like Team Viewer, to share their details with them.

They distract the mind of the user by saying that they need details to sign in to their computer by using their software. After getting success in accessing the user’s computer, the scammer starts trying to convince that their computer is infected from various problems that must be repaired.

technical support scams

Tricks used by the scammers:

  • Scammers may display the event viewer’s logs notification and claims that the log entries are harmful for your system because they can corrupt your system. So these should be “fixed”.
  • Another technique of scammers is that they show the folders, such as ‘temp’ files or ‘Prefetch’ files that are the proof of malware attacks.
  • Scammers can also misuse the Command prompt tools to create doubtful-outputs to misguide the user.
  • Scammers can also misrepresent the values and other keys which are stored in the Windows Directory as being vicious.


How to get rid of tech support scams?

  • Never believe on any call without any research on it
  • Double check before allowing for remote access to other
  • Avoid sharing account and financial details to anyone
  • Never provide your password on the phone, it may be fake
  • Invest your money after complete assurance only
  • If you face this issue, then complain to the tech support team

Your little awareness can save you and your system. So always be attentive while facing these type of calls and follow the above points to stay away from these technical support scams.





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